Meme Insider Opens its Doors!

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Today, on the day of the 2016 US Presidential Election, the seven Meme Lords are opening the Meme Insider, your one-stop shop for the latest tips and trends in the Meme Economy. Our team is dedicated to doing the research to make sure you can make the most informed decisions possible with your Meme Portfolio. The seven Meme Lords that are working behind the scenes to get you the resources you need are:

  • Archduke Maximillian Hans von Dankenstein II
  • Lord Diplomat Nathaniel Pendelton Memeshire VI
  • Emperor Jaymuzu, Ruler of Memes, Herald of Dankness
  • Viscount Tiberius Pepelia McMeme IV
  • Don Memuel Pablo “Pepe” Rivera Jr.
  • Doge Memelius Haramboni XVII
  • Baron von Cockinbalz Dikouti IX

Together, we’ll provide analysis on popularity trends across every social platform, updates on memonic anomalies such as the Meme of the Month, and interviews with other top Memologists from the community. Today is the day we start taking memes way more seriously than they were ever meant to be.


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